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About Us

We met later in life. So we had no track record with each other on home décor. And then there were the years of ‘collections’, favorite things and distinctive styles to meld. Maybe all of this combined is what pushed us to discuss home decorating so often. Well, that and getting hooked on every HGTV show since they started the fad with Trading Spaces (remember that?). We still love Vern. David Bromstad or Candice Olson would have free reign in our house.

As time passed we found ourselves drawn to offer home decorative items both online and offline. We found a neat little antique mall where we had our own special room. The owner allowed us to be the only dealer with ‘new’ items as long as they complemented the rest of his mall. We still worked, but that mall was a ton of fun and a terrific learning experience. Online we had a difficult time finding the right items. Our sales were good, but our bottom line stunk. That’s how was born.

We made the decision to research items that were so unique and so unusual, they would have an immediate impact in anyone’s room.

It’s been 13+ years for us and almost that long for selling home décor items. We hope you’ll enjoy the site well enough to share it with your friends.

Welcome to Sit for a while. Have a look around. Oh, we’re still researching new items and new suppliers. So, you’re invited to come back for a peek.

Thank you for visiting us!  Enjoy!

Patti & Ron Herron